• This Feldherr Transporter Bundle is delivered without contents.

    Ideal for storing and transporting large miniature and game collections. In combination with our Pick and Pluck foam it is also ideal for other sensitive products such as electronics, medical equipment or as a tool box.


    The set contains:

    • 1 Transporter bag
    • 1 DSEB305 Euro Container with hinge lid ED 64/32 HG

    The DSEB305 Eurobox offers space for all Feldherr foam trays in Half-Size, Full-Size and Double-Size up to a total height of 305 mm.

    Features Euro Container:

    • fits exactly into the Transporter bag*
    • suitable for all Feldherr foam inserts in sizes Double-Size, Full-Size and Half-Size
    • fill height: 305 mm
    • hinged lid with two locking levers for easy and secure closing
    • recessed grips for carrying
    • coordinated to Euro dimensions, stackable
    • high stability
    • made of temperature-resistant, food-safe plastic (polypropylene)

    * for all Transporter models after 08/2019. Charge: Transporter-1904

    Features Transporter:

    • bag made of lightweight and particularly resistant material
    • additional small compartment (e.g. for writing materials) with zipper on the front of the bag
    • 2 carrying handles and a continuously adjustable carrying strap with shoulder rest for comfortable transport

    With the robust Euro Container from AUER Packaging, made of shockproof and dimensionally stable plastic, your goods are optimally protected against transport damage. The lid, with its easy-to-operate hinge system and two locking levers, reliably protects the contents from dust and dirt. The Euro Box can be lifted with the recessed grips. For a more convenient transportation it precisely fits the Feldherr bag.

    The high-quality Transporter bag is made of light but durable fabric. In addition to the large main compartment, it has a small side compartment in which, for example, writing material, game instructions or the like can be stored.

    It can be lifted with two carrying handles or comfortably shouldered with the stable shoulder strap.

    When the bag is not in use, it can be folded flat to save space and easily stowed in the cupboard.


    Dimensions of the Transporter:

    • Inner dimensions: approx. 620 mm x 390 mm x 340 mm height
    • Outer dimensions: approx. 635 mm x 410 mm x 350 mm height
    • Front compartment: approx. 230 mm width x 210 mm height

    Dimensions of the DSEB255 Euro Container:

    • Inner dimensions: 570 mm x 370 mm x 305 mm
    • Outer dimensions: 600 mm x 400 mm x 335 mm
    • Weight: 2,92 kg
    • Capacity: 66 liters


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