• The gates to the underworld beneath Shyish, the Realm of Death, are wide open and malevolent spirits of tortured souls rise from the earth. They are known as the Nighthaunt. A new chapter in the Age of Sigmar begins when the fierce battle for the free city of Glymmsforge breaks out.

    The Nighthaunt miniatures do not impress with massive armor like the warriors of the Stormcast Eternals, but with what they do not possess. So they just float over their bases in shreds and swaths. Whether it is their leader Knight of Shrouds on his skeleton horse Ethereal Steed, Lord Executioner with gallows and greataxe or the filigree worked Chainrasp Horde, all these miniatures should be stored and transported with care. So it's good to have a foam set like this.

    The set consists of the following items:

    • 1 Feldherr MAXI bag
    • 1 Full-Size foam tray (FSMEEM055BO)
    • 1 Full-Size foam tray (FSBR040BO)
    • 1 suitable foam topper

    Two foam trays provide a safe place for the ghost miniatures aside the battlefields. All miniatures are arranged here in custom-made compartments. Completely surrounded by soft foam, sensitive parts such as the Guardian of Souls' nightmare lantern or cloak shreds are optimally protected. Vexingly bending is prevented and also the colors of painted miniatures will not flake off. A foam topper on the upper tray provides final protection of the figures to the top.

    There are also 14 free compartments on the second tray for additional miniatures or game material. This leaves room in the bag for future expansions.

    The foam trays have the following dimensions:

    • 1 mat with 13 compartments: 345 mm x 275 mm x 55 mm total height (45 mm usable height + 10 mm foam base)
    • 1 mat with 34 compartments: 345 mm x 275 mm x 40 mm total height (30 mm usable height + 10 mm foam base)

    The robust, black MAXI bag has padded side panels and a reinforced bottom. This ensures that the contents are always safely stored, even when transported by car or train. A sturdy belt provides additional comfort. The books for the game can be placed in the bag as well.

    With this set your Nighthaunt faction is well stowed away and can be easily and safely transported to the next tournament or game at any time.

    • high-quality, fine pored foam - Made in Germany
    • CFC-free
    • chlorine and acid free


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