• Are you ready for battle? Have you got your troops organized and at hand when you need them? In order to prepare you for the next, maybe decisive battle we assembled a MAXI bag with matching foam trays.

    The Set contains:

    • 1 Feldherr MAXI bag
    • 2 foam trays with 36 compartments each for soldiers (FS035BO)
    • 1 foam tray with 34 compartments for soldiers (FSBR035BO)
    • 1 self-adhesive raster foam tray for 6 tanks (FS060RS)
    • 1 foam base
    • 1 foam topper

    The compartments of the two foam trays with 36 compartments each are same-sized. Each of the altogether 72 compartments is 50 mm long x 25 mm wide x 25 mm deep. The trays are thus ideally suited to hold smaller models on 25 mm bases. Gently caressed by fine-pored foam, your soldiers are ultimately protected against breaking parts and scratches here.

    The compartments of the tray with 34 compartments have the following dimensions:

    • 16 compartments: 50 mm long x 25 mm wide x 25 mm deep
    • 12 compartments: 54 mm long x 40 mm wide x 25 mm deep
    • 4 compartments: 79 mm long x 28 mm wide x 25 mm deep
    • 2 compartments: 75 mm long x 28 mm wide x 25 mm deep

    In addition to smaller models, the tray will thus also hold a number of larger models on 25 mm bases.

    The 60 mm high foam tray for the 6 tanks is perforated with a raster. It allows you to individually remove segments with a 14 mm * 14 mm base area. You are thus enabled to configure the compartments of the trays according to sizes of your specific types of tanks.

    As soon as you are finished configuring the compartments, just pull the foil from the tray and adhere the foam base to it. Your tanks are now safe from falling out.

    Of course, the trays fit exactly into the sturdy MAXI bag. The bag is made of particularly hard-wearing fabric. Padded side panels and a reinforced base additionally ensure that the contents are optimally protected from external influences. Next to the large main compartment, the bag has a smaller pocket with a zipper at the front. Game sheets, books and writing material can be stored here, for example.

    Finally, the Set also includes a matching foam topper. Just place it on the uppermost tray so that no model can fall out of it.

    The MAXI bag has the following dimensions:

    • inner: approx. 345 mm x 275 mm x 180 mm
    • outer: approx. 390 mm x 330 mm x 190 mm
    • fine-pored foam - Made in Germany
    • chlorine free and acid free
    • CFC-free


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