• This Storage Box is delivered without contents.

    It was especially designed for storing our board game trays and can be filled with foam up to a total height of 75 mm. This makes it particularly suitable for storing many board game expansions.

    All square Feldherr foam trays with the dimensions:

    • 300 mm x 300 mm
    • 295 mm x 295 mm
    • 285 mm x 285 mm
    • 280 mm x 280 mm

    up to a total height of 75 mm fit perfectly into the box.

    The same applies to the half-sized board game trays, which add up to a square one, when they are placed side by side. These are currently available with the dimensions: 295 mm x 147.5 mm and 285 mm x 142.5 mm.

    The storage box LBBG075 is made of coated, double-wall cardboard. This makes it not only pleasantly light, but also particularly tear-resistant and stable. With the matching foam trays, miniatures and game material can be stored safely and dust-protected. The practical plastic carrying handle enables easy transport.

    The boxes are delivered folded and ready to use.

    For a more comfortable transport over longer distances we recommend the Feldherr Transporter. This is particularly useful for board games with additional expansions. With the bag, the core box can be conveniently transported together with the Storage Boxes for the expansions. Due to the standard dimensions of our products, further combinations with the other Storage Boxes are also possible.

    • Inner dimensions of the Storage Box LBBG075: 300 mm x 300 mm x 75 mm
    • The outer dimensions are only slightly larger.


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