• Manufactured with a technology that is even for many engineers and technicians of the Adeptus Mechanicus inscrutable, the Dunerider and the Disintegrator enable the servants of the Machine God to track their enemies at even higher speeds and destroy them with even more devastating weaponry.

    Whether tank or transporter, both Skorpius model variants are well protected with this Feldherr foam insert and therefore always ready for battle on the tabletop.

    This Half-Size foam tray has a large compartment that has been tailored exactly to the antigrav vehicle of the Adeptus Mechanicus. This ensures that the weapon arsenal remains undamaged on the vehicle. The Cognis heavy stubbers on the sides and the Servitor gunner remain undamaged during transport, as do the radar antennas.

    The insert not only protects the sensitive parts of the model. Embedded in high-quality, soft foam, the colors of the painted miniature are also safe from abrasion and chipping.

    Two additional rectangular compartments are perfect for storing further miniatures of your AdMech army or optional components.

    • Each of the 2 rectangular compartments is 65 mm long x 40 mm wide x 75 mm deep.

    The Half-Size foam tray has the dimensions: 275 mm x 172 mm x 85 mm total height (75 mm usable height + 10 mm foam base).

    • high-quality, fine pored foam
    • CFC-free
    • chlorine and acid-free
    • Made in Germany


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