• The Eidolon’s of Mathlann are being called upon when times are hard: They will then form as a manifestation of the souls of Idoneth Deepkin forefathers.

    If the Eidolon’s are summoned as Aspect of the Storm, they will appear as monstrous waves which crush the enemy. If they are called upon as Aspects of the Seas, they will nurse the wounds of the Idoneth or cause the enemy to fall asleep – for a long, long time.

    No matter which version you have chosen – the Eidolons are marvelous miniatures. However, they are also rather fragile. The long Psi-Trident may easily break off, just like the Crulhook.

    In order to avoid such horror-scenarios from becoming reality, we designed a foam tray for the Eidolon. Whether you opted for Aspect of the Seas or Aspect of the Storm doesn’t matter – both versions fit! In addtion, the tray has two more compartments. One custom compartment is reserved for Lotann (Warden of the Soul Ledgers), another compartment will hold a small mini of your choice.

    Of course, our fine-pored foam also protects against scratches. Should you have painted your model, you can thus be sure it will shine on the game board.

    The tray has the following dimensions: 275 mm x 172 mm x 110 mm total height (100 mm usable height + 10 mm foam base).

    • fine-pored foam – Made in Germany
    • chlorine and acid free
    • CFC-free


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