• Ominous signs! But not with the right protection for your Malign Portents figures! All 4 new character models from Malign Portents - the Harbingers - fit into our foam inlay. In addition, there are compartments for the reference cards and dice.

    The tray contains slots for:
    • 1 compartment for Darkoath Warqueen Marakarr Blood-sky
    • 1 compartment for Fungoid Cave-Shaman Snazzgar Stinkmullett
    • 1 compartment for Keldrek, Knight of Shrouds
    • 1 compartment for Lord-Ordinator Vorrus Starstrike
    • 1 compartment for Malign Portents dice
    • 2 compartments for Malign Portents cards

    The Feldherr half-size (HS) foam tray has the dimensions: 275 mm x 172 mm x 50 mm height. The 50 mm depth of the foam is result from 10 mm foam base and slot foam tray with 40 mm effective depth

    • CFC-free fine pored quality foam Made in Germany
    • chlorine and acid free
    • Made in Germany


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    5,43 €Prix promotionnel
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