• Star Wars Minis need to mature like good Bordeaux wines – the older they get, the better they become! To ensure the well-being of your little treasures, Feldherr proudly presents Storage Box FSLB040 for 16 small Star Wars Vintage miniatures.

    The set contains:

    • 1 Storage Box FSLB040
    • 1 foam tray with 16 compartments for small miniatures (FSMEFP040BO)
    • 1 foam topper

    The foam trays is divided into 16 same-sized compartments. It is ideal for the safe storage of smaller miniatures like e. g. Yoda or R2D2. The fine-pored foam provides ultimate protection against damage – fragile parts stay intact, surfaces don't get scratched.

    • Each of the 16 compartments is 74 mm long x 56 mm wide x 30 mm deep.

    The storage box is made of coated, double-walled cardboard. This makes it not only pleasantly light but also particularly tear-resistant and stable. Your miniatures can thus be stored safely and dust-protected. Due to the flat and compact shape, they can also be easily transported.

    • Inner dimensions of the Storage Box FSLB040: 345 mm x 275 mm x 40 mm
    • The outer dimensions are only slightly larger.

    The set is completed by the matching foam topper. The topper ensures that nothing can fall out of the tray during transport.

    • fine-pored foam – Made in Germany
    • chlorine free and acid free
    • CFC-free


    SKU : FSLB040P015
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