• With these foam tray your Imperial units are save. The mat fits exactly for the following miniatures and equipment: Interdictor, Gladiator-class Star Destroyer, Imperial Light Carrier, Imperial Light Cruiser, bases, cards in sleeves, token, Commando and Speed Dials as well as individually usable compartments. So you keep your Imperial fleet safely together.

    • 1 compartment for Interdictor
    • 1 compartment for Gladiator-class Star Destroyer
    • 1 compartment for Imperial Light Carrier
    • 1 compartment for Imperial Light Cruiser
    • 1 compartment for bases
    • 2 compartments for cards in sleeves
    • 5 compartments for Commando and Speed Dials
    • 1 compartment for bases
    • 3 individually usable compartments


    SKU : FSKQ045BO
    9,59 € Prix original
    7,67 €Prix promotionnel
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