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  • Pluck foam tray with Raster/Grid that allow to shape the slots perfect for your needs! A tray for you large. long or much bigger items. Unique slot shapes can be quickly produced. That is Feldherr Raster foam - ready to use raster pattern. Our perforated foam trays can be customised by hand without the need for any tools. This foam tray will be delivered without a bottom. Please add a foam bottom to your order if needed. 
    • Foam tray dimension: 550 mm x 345 mm x 15 mm
    • Raster cuboids 20 mm x 20 mm x 15 mm
    • Made in Germany
    And if you need a Transport solution for the large double-size foam trays? Take the Feldherr Transporter or the Feldherr Storage Box XL! FELDHERR foam trays of the product groups half-size. full-size and double-size enable a modular filling of the matching bags and storage boxes. That's why you always buy the right mats. This means:
    • 2 x half-size trays = 1 x full-size tray
    • 4 x half-size trays = 1 x double-size tray
    • 2 x full-size trays= 1 x double-size tray
    Thats pretty cool. because you can use our foam trays in nearly all combinations in our cases. bags and storage boxes!


    UGS : DS015R
    6,89 € Prix normal
    5,51 €Prix promotionnel