• This set contains:

    • 1 Warband Shelter Storage Box CRLB060
    • 1 General GWA-Size foam insert for Nightvault - Thunkdrik's Profiteers (CQMENG050BO)
    • 1 General GWA-Size Foam Insert for Nightvault - Yltharis Guardians (CQMENH050BO)

    To bring your miniatures to the Mirrored City intact and ready to fly, you need the right means of transport. Lucky you, because here is the matching GWA-Size foam tray especially for Thundrik's troop.

    The tray is divided into 7 compartments to clearly store the miniatures and accessories. 5 of these are individually tailored to 'Thundrik's Profiteers'. Bjorgen Thundrik, Dead-Eye Lund, Enrik Ironhail, Garodd Alensen, and Khazgan Drakkskewer are securely embedded in soft foam.

    This ensures that the Skypike remains sharp and that the Skyvessel can still fly after beeing transported to the tabletop. The miniature-precise cut guarantees that the figures do not slip around. Painted models are spared from scratches and chipped paint. The remaining two compartments provide space for your small game material, like dice and tokens.

    A total of 6 compartments ensure that Alarielles' offspring is safe from harm. Four compartments are for the miniatures. Each of these compartments is individually tailored to the models.

    Completely packed in foam, Ylthari, Revenant Archer Ahnslaine, Gallanghann of the Glade and Skhathael are best prepared for transport. The many filigree details are thus excellently protected against damage.

    The Storage Box CRLB060 is made of coated cardboard in Warband Shelter design. With the matching foam trays, miniatures, game material, and other small items can be stored safely and dust-protected. Due to the low weight and the flat and compact shape, it can also be easily transported.

    The foam trays have the following dimensions:

    • CQMENH050BO: 211 mm long x 136 mm wide x 55 mm deep
    • CQMENG050BO: 211 mm long x 136 mm wide x 50 mm deep
    • Inner dimensions of the Storage Box CRLB060: 272 mm x 211 mm x 60 mm
    • The outer dimensions are only slightly larger.
    • high-quality, fine-pored foam – Made in Germany
    • chlorine and acid-free
    • CFC-free


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