• The „Darkness Falls“ expansion for Sword and Sorcery contains a lot of exciting, new game material. To assist you in keeping your new miniatures, tokens and cards in order, we created a new foam set for the original game box.

    • The set fits exactly into the original board game box of the Sword and Sorcery expansion "Darkness Falls".
    • Suitable for all 23 miniatures and all accessories of the expansion (GRPR103).
    • The lid of the board game box extends approx. 1 cm.

    The set contains:

    • 1 foam tray with 23 compartments for miniatures (CBMEKJ050BO)
    • 1 foam tray with 8 compartments for tokens and cards (CBMEKK030BO)
    • 1 matching foam topper

    The tray for the miniatures has 23 compartments which allow you to safely store the 20 new enemies, 2 master enemies and the wolf form figure. The fine-pored foam ensures that your models don’t incur damage – scythes and other details won’t break, paint remains unharmed.

    The second tray has 8 compartments for your new (sleeved) cards and tokens. The compartments for the cards feature finger-thick recesses for easy removal of the cards.

    The stackable trays fit exactly into the original game box – nothing slips, nothing wobbles. A matching foam topper which makes sure that nothing can fall out of the upper tray completes the set.

    The larger game components – map tiles, Book of Secrets, Storybook – are placed underneath the foam set or on top of it.

    The foam trays have the following dimensions:

    • CBMEKJ050BO: 265 mm x 265 mm x 50 mm total height (40 mm usable height + 10 mm foam base)
    • CBMEKK030BO: 265 mm x 265 mm x 30 mm total height (20 mm usable height + 10 mm foam base)
    • fine-pored foam – Made in Germany
    • chlorine free and acid free
    • CFC-free


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