• As Daimyo you lead your Clan – Nova, Pulsar, Gamma or Void – into the battle for the Lotus Galaxy. Diplomatically skilled, you forge alliances in order to rise to the throne of the Galactic Emperor. But of course, if the circumstances necessitate it, you’re able forget all about your soft skills and bring out the big guns. To sum it up: You like to take decisions and for the most part you’re quite good at it.

    Endowed with a character like this, you are pre-destined to be successful in Starship Samurai (Plaid Hat Games). Since the game features beautifully-designed Samurai Mech miniatures and is also quite extensive, you might want to consider protecting and sorting the game’s components properly.

    For this, we recommend our Foam Set for Starship Samurai. The Set consists of three custom cut foam trays, which together fit exactly into the Original board game box.

    The first tray features 8 custom cut compartments for the Samurai Techs. In it, the high-quality miniatures are safe from incurring damage by either parts breaking off or paint peeling off. The other two trays are identical and provide a home for the game’s accessories. The 32 Fighter Ships, 4 Carrier Ships, as well as all markers, tokens and sleeved cards find a safe place here.

    As soon as you are done sorting your game components into the trays, you place the included foam topper on top to make sure your materials are all around protected. Then, you pack the Location-, Player- and Alliance boards on top and off you go to your friends!

    The Set contains:

    • 1 BEMEEZ070BO foam tray for miniatures (dimensions: 285 mm x 142 mm x 70 mm)
    • 2 BEMEEFA035BO foam trays for accessories (dimensions: 285 mm x 142 mm x 35 mm)
    • 1 foam topper

    The Original board game box has a 285 mm x 285 mm base area. Hence the 70 mm tray for the miniatures and the two 35 mm trays for the accessories are placed next to each other in the game box. When the board game box is filled with the trays, the foam topper and the boards, the lid of the game box will extend ca. 2 cm over the edge.

    • fine-pored, high-quality foam
    • chlorine free and acid free
    • CFC-free
    • Made in Germany


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