• Bring order and protection into your game material!

    This foam tray set for Mythic Battles Pantheon protects your figures! Beside protection, the set offers a practical arrangement of the figures and the entire material.

    You get:

    • 1 x 85 mm foam tray for Mythic Battles: Pantheon - miniatures (Art.-Nr. AYMEAV085BO)
    • 1 x 40 mm foam tray for Mythic Battles: Pantheon - game material (Art.-Nr. AYMEAX040BO)
    • 1 x foam topper

    The 85 mm foam tray with 37 compartments offers:

    • 4 compartments for Gods
    • 4 compartments for Monsters
    • 5 compartments for Heroes
    • 24 compartments for Troops

    The 40 mm foam tray with 16 compartments offers:

    • 4 compartments for tokens
    • 3 compartments for cards
    • 2 compartments for Ruin Columns
    • 2 compartments for Forest Trees
    • 1 compartment for Obstacle Rocks
    • 1 compartment for Dashboards
    • 1 compartment for Plastic Stat Clips
    • 1 compartment for dice
    • 1 compartment for Omphalos

    One of the two foam trays is exclusive for the miniatures of the Mythic Battles Pantheon core box. The foam set fits exactly in the official board game box. Each of the Gods, Heroes, Monsters and Troops miniature have an own suitable slot in the tray. The slots are space-saving designed and developed to guarantee the perfect protection. It's taken individual care of the details of the miniatures like a spear or a sword. A further foam tray is for the game accessories. 16 compartments enable you a reasonable division and time saving by sorting. The entire game material of the core box can be clearly arranged and practically transported.

    • CFC-free fine pored quality foam Made in Germany
    • chlorine and acid-free
    • Made in Germany


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