• Especially for Blood Bowl 2016 board game box cut foam tray. The foam tray with 26 cut outs large enough for all miniatures from the game and fits perfectly into the original board game box. There is an additional 4 mm foam topper to protect the Blood Bowl 2016 figures.

    Foam extends slightly over the edge of the board game box if the game board and the dugouts are under the foam. Foam tray dimensions: 425 mm x 285 mm x 42 mm and is custom made to suit the Blood Bowl 2016 board game box.

    Included in delivery:

    • 1 x 42 mm foam tray for the entire Blood Bowl 2016 miniatures with 26 compartments
    • 1 x extra topper

    The 42 mm foam tray for Blood Bowl 2016 can hold:

    • 12 x Human players
    • 12 x Orc players
    • 1 x Blood Bowl card-Deck
    • dice, a range ruler and templates
    • Foam tray dimension: 425 mm x 285 mm x 42 mm height, effective depth: 32 mm
    • Made in Germany
    • high-quality, fine pored foam
    • CFC-free fine pored quality foam Made in Germany
    • chlorine and acid free


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