• It feels like eternity, walking through the Mistlands, the dark realm of the traitor Waiqar. Wandering in a cursed state between life and death. Now it is time to return to the gloom to destroy the chains that bind you to these lands.

    To keep the eight new monster figures undamaged, Feldherr has created this foam tray set for the original Descent: Journeys in the Dark 2nd Edition - The Chains That Rust board game box. It was specially developed to fit the original board game box. The foam tray and the matching topper are made of chlorine- and acid-free foam.

    Eight compartments, exactly tailored to fit the plastic figures, provide sufficient protection. Therefore, painted miniatures are excellently protected against abrasion. Details, such as the sceptre of the Marrow Priest, are thus spared from breaking off.

    A further seven compartments provide a quick overview and prevent a time-consuming mix up of the other components. There are two compartments of different measurements for both card sizes. Tokens can be clearly sorted into the other compartments. Map tiles can be put beneath the foam tray. This will cause the box cover to protrude slightly.

    Dimensions for this board game foam tray are 247 mm x 247 mm x 40 mm.

    The set also includes the matching foam topper.

    • CFC-free fine pored quality foam
    • chlorine and acid free
    • Made in Germany


    SKU : AS04Set
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