• To make sure that your pirates don’t break their bones and your plunder doesn’t get lost, we proudly present the Feldherr foam set for "Rum and Bones“.

    • The set fits exactly into the original "Rum and Bones“ board game box by Cool Mini Or Not
    • Suitable for all 70 miniatures, (sleeved) tide cards, tokens, dice and bases of the retail edition
    • The lid of the board game box extends approx. 4 cm

    The set contains:

    • 1 foam tray with 63 compartments for miniatures, tokens, dice and bases (AGMEGA065BO)
    • 1 foam tray with 23 compartments for miniatures and tide cards (AGMEOB050BO)
    • 1 foam topper

    The foam tray with the 63 compartments allows you to sensibly sort tokens, dice, bases as well as most small and some larger miniatures. The fine-pored foam reliably protects your figures from damage – sensitive parts like hooks and guns remain unharmed, the color of painted miniatures does not get scratched.

    The foam tray with the 23 compartments will hold further miniatures and the (sleeved) tide cards. The compartment for the cards features a finger-thick recess for easy removal of the cards.

    As soon as you’ve got everything sorted into the trays, you place the matching foam topper on top to ensure that nothing can fall out. Place the larger game components – Ship Boards, Tiles, Sea Creature Cards, Hero Cards, Rule Book – either under the set into the game box or on top of the set. Now close the lid and off you go!

    The foam trays have the dimensions:

    • AGMEGA065BO: 295 mm x 295 mm x 65 mm total height (55 mm usable height + 10 mm foam base)
    • AGMEOB050BO: 295 mm x 295 mm x 50 mm total height (40 mm usable height + 10 mm foam base)
    • fine-pored foam – Made in Germany
    • chlorine free and acid free
    • CFC-free


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