• Refill foam insert for Chessex Box SMALL (02860 and 02869). Our foam insert is optimized for standard troopers / miniatures out of 28 mm tabletop systems. It fit in each compartment miniatures with 30 x 30 mm bases or bases with 30 mm diameter.
    The standard foam padding has only 15 mm useful height. The Feldherr ADBY031 is 31 mm tall. You can use the full height for your miniatures. There are 12 compartments with 3 different shapes.

    Dimensions of the compartments

    • 7 compartments: 40 mm x 30 mm x 31 mm
    • 3 compartments: 45/50 mm x 30 mm x 31 mm
    • 4 compartments: 50 mm x 30 mm x 31 mm

    External dimension of these Feldherr Replacement insert for small Chessex Boxes

    • Length x Width x Height: 253 mm x 107 mm x 31 mm

    This foam insert has no base. Please order item ADCA005S as Base and/or cover.

    The 31 mm height is also the effective usable height of the foam insert.

    ADCA005S Foam Cutting as an insert in small Chessex boxes. This special thin 5 mm foam pad is designed for lightweight cushioning requirements. Additionally this foam is self-adhesive on one side. So cutting can be fixed on the bottom and the cover of the box.

    Dimension cutting

    • Length x Width x Height: 250 mm x 100 mm x 5 mm


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