• In the town of Waterdeep, in the tavern Yawning Portal, you will find access to Undermountain, a labyrinth dungeon created by the mad mage Halaster Blackcloak. And of course there are not only treasures waiting for you, but all kinds of traps, monsters and secrets ...

    In usual Kevin Wilson quality, this Dungeons & Dragons adventure convinces with gripping quests and fantastic miniatures. To make sure they stay fantastic and the game box itself doesn't turn into a dungeon, here's the matching Feldherr foam set for your 'Dungeon of the Mad Mage' board game box.

    • The set fits exactly into the original board game box for "Dungeons & Dragons: Waterdeep - Dungeon of the Mad Mage" by WizKids.
    • Provides space for all 42 miniatures and all accessories.
    • The lid of the board game box protrudes approx. 2-3 cm.

    The set consists of:

    • 1 Feldherr foam tray for miniatures and cards (ABMENX070BO)
    • 1 Feldherr foam tray for miniatures, cards and tokens (ABMENW040BO)
    • 1 foam topper

    The 70 mm high insert takes care of the majority of the miniatures. Each monster and each villain is assigned its own compartment.

    From Scaladar to Shadow to Dezmyr Shadowdusk - every figure is securely wrapped in foam. Precisely fitting compartments ensure that the miniatures remain safely in place even when on the move. This not only protects the fine parts from damage, but also the colors of (pre)painted figures from abrasion and scratches.

    Two compartments are reserved for the cards, one compartment for the dice. The card compartments are provided with finger-wide recesses for easier removal of the stacks. Of course, these are also suitable for cards with sleeves.

    On the second mat the remaining miniatures, especially the heroes, are accomodated. Your five heroes gather in the middle. Small square compartments house the little monsters, like the Grungs and the Intellect Devourers. Also, there is a third compartment for cards.

    All other compartments help you to sort the tokens. You can organize them easily and clearly here. For example, there is a shield-shaped compartment for the HP tokens and a money bag for the Gold Pieces. This enhanced overview saves time and nerves when setting up the game and you don't have to search for the tokens anymore.

    A matching foam topper completes the all-round supply of your 'Dungeon of the Mad Mage' box. On the topper you put the larger cardboard parts - the Hero, Villain and Dungeon tiles, as well as the booklets.

    Now, all miniatures are safely packed, the game material neatly stowed away and the contents of your box are optimally prepared for transport.


    The Feldherr foam trays have the following dimensions:

    • ABMENX070BO: 300 mm x 300 mm x 70 mm total height (60 mm usable height + 10 mm foam base)
    • ABMENW040BO: 300 mm x 300 mm x 40 mm total height (30 mm usable height + 10 mm foam base)
    • high-quality, fine pored foam
    • CFC-free
    • chlorine and acid-free
    • Made in Germany


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